Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe

Erasmus+ Funding (Higher Education)

If you work for a higher education institution in Europe, chances are good that you can get funding for participating at the NICE Academy. Please read the following information carefully in this case.  If you work as a career counsellor or adult educator outside of a higher education institution (in Europe), you might be able to apply for Erasmus+ for Adult Educators. In this case, please contact Yvor Broer as quickly as possible, who may be able to support you in making an application.

To participate at the NICE academy, staff from higher education can use Erasmus+ funding. The academy is a structured learning event, with clear learning objectives and an educational programme. In case your institute has been awarded with a larger Erasmus+ grant, which most higher education institutes have, just contact your Erasmus+ coordinator. Ask him/ her if funding is left for you (and possibly your colleagues) to come to the NICE Academy. This way you can cover travel, stay and the participation fee. The Erasmus+ programme will cover a flat rate for travel, a flat day for stay per day, and a flat rate 350 Euro organisational support fee (which is more than sufficient to cover the academy fee).

It is best is to discuss this option with your Erasmus+ coordinator. If there are questions from their side, then do contact Make sure to communicate that it’s an academy – thus a structured learning event – not a conference.

Receiving Institution

Name: Stichting Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe (NICE Foundation)

Erasmus Code (PIC): 906608755

Department: Board of Directors

Address: Burg Bas Backerhof 00020; 2111TD Aerdenhout; The Netherlands (Event takes place in Paris, France)

Country/ Country Code: NL Netherlands / The event takes place in FR France

Contact Person / Position: Johannes Katsarov, Coordinating Director


Size of enterprise: < 250 employees

Learning Objectives

  • Learning about innovative and effective practices in career guidance and counselling and how to apply them / train people to apply them
  • International exchange of good practices in the academic training of career practitioners and in the practice of career guidance and counselling
  • Critical reflection of theories related to career guidance and counselling in view of current practical challenges
  • Building international networks of academics from different disciplines and career specialists as advanced practitioners of career guidance and counselling
  • Development of joint educational projects for the future

Added Value of the Mobility for Organisations

NICE Academies are structured learning and networking events for professionals and academic trainers in the field of career guidance and counselling. Through these learning and networking events, NICE aims to support excellence and innovation in the academic training of career practitioners across Europe (a) by developing and promoting joint European standards, (b) by fostering an exchange of good practices, and (c) by fostering collaboration between academic trainers and career specialists across borders. The NICE Academies are therefore dedicated to the modernization and internationalization of academic training in career guidance and counselling and of academic training.

Expected Outcomes and Impact

  • Professional development of attending staff member in terms of (a) new practical skills and competences for the academic training of career practitioners / for the practice of career guidance and counselling, (b) exchange of specialised knowledge and experience with peers from across Europe, (c) enhanced proficiency in English
  • Innovation of sending institutions’ degree programmes related to career guidance and counselling by adoption of good training practices into the curriculum
  • Development of professional contacts between the two institutions for future projects and collaborative activities