Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe

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Publications of the NICE Network

NICE Handbook for the Academic Training of Career Guidance and Counselling Professionals (2012), 245 pages, edited by C. Schiersmann, B.-J. Ertelt, J. Katsarov, R. Mulvey, H. Reid & P. Weber. Heidelberg: Heidelberg University.

"The training of highly competent professionals in career guidance and counselling (CGC) is becoming increasingly important in Europe. But what do such CGC professionals need to be able to do, in order to support individuals, organisations and communities in dealing with complex career-related challenges? And how can special degree programmes be set up for the training of such professionals?
With this handbook,the Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe (NICE) offers an academic perspective on the future of higher education for CGC professionals in Europe. In the NICE Handbook, readers will find scientifically based arguments for training such professionals in higher education institutions, a vision of which core competences CGC professionals will need in the future, and a framework for designing and developing degree programmes in career guidance and counselling.
These products are offered behind the background of a detailed analysis of academic training in Europe, its structures, contents and approaches, as well as an outlook on innovative themes to be covered in degree programmes. Finally, the handbook describes the network NICE and how its partners from 28 countries worked together in the past years, to develop common ideas for the higher education in career guidance and counselling."