Common Points of Reference

Common Points of Reference

A central goal of NICE is to provide common points of reference (CPR) for setting up and developing degree programmes in the field of career guidance and counselling. Up until now, we have developed the following CPR:

Target Groups

In developing such CPR, we primarily try to serve higher education institutions offering academic training in our field, as well as the managers, programme leaders, and lecturers engaged in this training. We are dedicated to the professionalization of career guidance and counselling though, and hope that our CPR will also be of value for career practitioners, associations, societies, and organisations working in our field, as well as policy makers concerned with matters of career guidance and counselling, education, employment, inclusion, and innovation.

Tuning Philosophy

In developing our common points of reference, we have been guided by the Tuning philosophy, which states that: “Universities do not look for uniformity in their degree programmes or any sort of unified, prescriptive or definitive European curricula but simply for points of reference, convergence and common understanding.” (Tuning Educational Structures in Europe 2008, p. 6)

Thus, our goal in developing and providing CPR is to offer orientation and enable a higher degree of cooperation in the academic training of career practitioners, while not inhibiting the autonomy of the different parties. Even where we provide standards, our goal is not to “standardise” academic training in career guidance and counselling across Europe. Instead, our goal is to establish shared minimum expectations regarding the competences of graduates from such training programmes – for the benefit of citizens and clients.

Open Educational Resources

The CPR of NICE are open educational resources. Provided thir source is acknowledged (NICE), and their content isn’t manipulated, they may be copied and distributed freely. NICE reserves the right to update and to revise the CPR, and to provide and officially publish translations of the CPR.


The CPR of NICE are published in this section of the NICE Website. For detailed presentations, please consult the NICE Handbooks: