ECADOC 2017 in Mannheim

Doctoral Summer School in Mannheim, Germany

Career Guidance and Counselling in Times of Volatile Labour Markets and Dynamic Biographies

September 4 – 9, 2017


Stitched Panorama of Mannheim, Fotalia

We are happy to announce the fourth ECADOC Summer School for 2017, hosted by the University of Applied Labour Studies in Mannheim, Germany.

This year we have chosen a theme that will give us actual insights and points for reflection: “Career Guidance and Counselling & Dynamic Biographies in Times of Volatile Labour Markets”. From our perspective, this headline unites different perspectives, which are currently very relevant for the practice of career guidance and counselling (CGC).  In times where people’s lives are becoming increasingly dynamic, we face new challenges in supporting them in their pursuit of education and employment, and the desired development of their lives in general. Researchers and practitioners engaged in CGC need to challenge, adapt and develop their understandings, methods and services accordingly. Moreover, they must reflect their own and collective standpoints in discourses on CGC, which are also influenced by diverse political agendas and normative ideologies. At this year’s summer school, we therefore feature both qualitative and quantitative research informed by psychology, sociology, educational science, and other disciplines that help the CGC community to better understand individuals’ lives, biographies and societal structures.

Who can take part? All PhD candidates whose research relates to career guidance and counselling. We explicitly invite researchers with various backgrounds in terms of discipline, methodology, age and status within the PhD research process.

How can you finance your participation? We encourage participants from Europe to access Erasmus+ mobility funding, which covers: actual travel costs, your accommodation and a proportion of your subsistence. Although the funding application is relatively straightforward, we will offer a support service to give you the information you need to apply for Erasmus+ funding via your home university.

What will we do in this week? Our belief is that a summer school brings together the best of academic work and academic life. The summer school programme blends presentation and discussion of your own research with peer and faculty. You’ll have the chance to meet researchers from different backgrounds with diverse experience, listen to interesting inputs around the theme of the summer school, work with different research methods, and learn about the practical challenges of being a researcher.

Where can you find more information? Please find the call for applications on the ECADOC website ( and Here you will also find information and regular updates regarding sources of financial support and organisational details. Applications should be submitted until April 30, 2017. Please follow the instructions in the call for applications.

Additional questions? If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to this year’s host:[at]

Looking forward to seeing you in Mannheim,

Peter Weber, Nikos Drosos, Johannes Katsarov, Rachel Mulvey, and Rie Thomsen (the organising committee)


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