About Us

Network for Innovation in Career Guidance & Counselling in Europe (NICE)

NICE is an open European network for the academic training of people who practice career guidance and counselling (career practitioners). The informal network of NICE currently comprises representatives of more then 50 higher education institutions from more than 30 European countries.

NICE is organised through the NICE Foundation. All academic programs for the training of career practitioners in Europe, as well as supporting organisations and people are invited to become founders of NICE.


The NICE Memorandum formulates our vision for the development of academic training and research in the area of career guidance and counselling in Europe. There, we express three central challenges for the professionalization of career guidance and counselling, which we want to tackle in the near future:

  1. The needs for high quality, competence-based academic training of career practitioners and for common European competence standards
  2. The needs for interdisciplinary research on career guidance and counselling, the training of excellent researchers and setting up an international research community
  3. The needs for bridging the gaps between research, theory, practice and policy, and for enhancing the existing cooperation between the different actors in the field

Mission and Activities

Goals: In line with the NICE Memorandum, the mission of the NICE Foundation and therefore of the Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe (NICE) is to…

  • Promote excellence and innovation in academic, research-based training of career practitioners in Europe
  • Support the coordination of academic training in career guidance and counselling within Europe
  • Foster cooperation between the academic community and relevant stakeholders

For the purpose of fulfilling its goals, the NICE Foundation…

  • Maintains, enhances and promotes the NICE Memorandum, the European Competence Standards for the Academic Training of Career Practitioners (ECS), and the Common Points of Reference of NICE
  • Aims at developing and marketing a quality label for degree programmes for the academic training of career practitioners
  • Facilitates peer learning and the sharing of expertise between people engaged in the academic training of career practitioners
  • Cooperates with other international organisations promoting professionalism and quality in career guidance and counselling, especially with the European Society for Vocational Designing and Career Counseling (ESVDC) and the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG)
  • Supports the development of innovative modules, training materials, training approaches, tools and methodologies concerning the practice of career guidance and counselling
  • Offers training for lecturers engaged in the academic training of career practitioners, including the NICE Academies (starting with the Kraków Academy in 2018)
  • Promotes the exchange of staff and students of relevant degree programmes


NICE – the Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe – was officially founded in 2009 with support from the European Commission. From 2009-2015, NICE received financial support from the European Commission via the Lifelong Learning Programme, for the Erasmus Academic Network projects NICE 1 (2009-2012) and NICE 2 (2012-2015).

Through this six-year collaborative process, we developed a European academic training community in our field, held six international conferences, and agreed upon common points of reference, which ease international cooperation and coordination in our field of academic training, and which insprire innovation and convergence.

In 2015, we agreed to set up a foundation, which will ensure the sustainability of our network, and of our common points of reference, and help us to realise the vision, which we jointly formulated in the NICE Memorandum.

As of 2017, NICE is organised through a foundation. The main purpose of the NICE Foundation is to ensure the sustainability of the NICE Network, and our Common Points of Reference. All founders have a voice in the future development of the network and its activities. Learn more about the organisation and leadership of NICE here.