Online again

Online again

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

as you probably noticed in the last weeks we still had many difficulties with our new website. It was many times down, not accessible or the appearance of the site looked very strange.

I apologise for the inconvenience caused by all the technical problems, but it was really tough to migrate from the test domain on that the new site was created to our official domain –

Without a help from a friend and IT specialist Simas Juodelis from Lithuania I probably haven’t managed it.

Now I am happy to announce that the main technical problems have been fixed and I will be able to migrate step by step all the content from our old website and from other sources as well as to add some new functions.

Don’t forget to visit this new virtual home of NICE regularly and you will find from day to day more useful information.

With warmest wishes from Heidelberg

Monika Kukytė



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