Network Projects

In order for NICE to become sustainable, our network needs to deliver a benefit to all members and develop a regenerative and self-organizational capacity. Only through shared leadership will we be able to realize the vision of NICE. For us to live up to this mission, we have developed a strategic program for NICE 2, which consists of a row of projects, that are funded by the European Commission from 2012-2015.

Some of these projects focus more strongly on professionalizing career guidance and counselling, for example the Memorandum Project and the development of European Competence Standards. With these projects, we want to take on our responsibility as research and training institutions in Europe, and contribute to making lifelong guidance of good quality a reality for all people of Europe.

Other projects of ours focus more strongly on the development of our network, for example the Mobility Project and the Peer Learning Project. Through these projects, we want to develop the quality of our community in terms of cooperative structures and competences.

Another important outcome of our network’s cooperation is the newly funded project European Doctoral Programme in Career Guidance and Counselling, which is being funded by the European Commission from 2013-2016.


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