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Organisation of NICE 2019

Chairs of the Academy

Yvor Broer

Yvor Broer

Position Chair (Practice Perspective)

Beschreibung Leadership and organisational and organisational consultant Ba. Political Science and Ba. Systemic Leadership and Organisational Development Yvor has over 20 years of international experience as consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach. He mostly works in Europe, the US, Canada and Eurasia. His work is based on systemic and social constructionist approaches as well as narrative practice. These theories are the guiding principle in his work though interventions are always tailored flexibly to respond to clients’ needs. Yvor describes his work as being a facilitator of dialogue, where the logic of different perspectives is explored to reflect on the current practice and desired future and in this way to create meaning out of events. However, the dialogues are always embedded into the organisational framework - the mission, vision and strategy of the organisation, as their purpose is to create viable solutions benefiting the organisational purpose. No matter whether you meet Yvor as a consultant, trainer or coach, you will meet a passionate and driven person, who wishes to inspire and motivate the people he works with. He likes to encourage participation, because he believes that new perspectives and insights are needed for better results. He uses humour to get the energy into the room. However, his mind is always on the context and the organisational frame, where the solutions have to show their usefulness. Website:

Johannes Katsarov

Johannes Katsarov

Position Chair (Academic Perspective)

Beschreibung Johannes has been dedicated to career guidance and counselling since he studied "Career Counselling and Organization Development" at the Heidelberg University (MA, 2012). Since 2009, he has acted as a coordinator for the NICE Network. He enjoys exchanges between practitioners and academics dedicated to career guidance and counselling and loves to learn how we can support people in managing their career development, and how to innovate training offers for career practitioners. To promote discourse and collaboration between practitioners and academia, he acts as a facilitator, for example in developing common standards. At the University of Zurich, he is currently finalising his PhD on using video games to promote professionals' sensitivity to ethical issues. As part of this project, he has developed two "Serious Moral Games" - one for financial managers, and one for medical students. He hopes to also develop a video game for practitioners of career guidance and counselling, soon. Contact:


Prof. Dr. Srečko Goić

Prof. Dr. Srečko Goić

Position Host of NICE 2019 in Split

Beschreibung Professor at University of Split and Higher Education Consultant Contact:


    Scientific Committee

    • Dr Anne Chant (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK),
    • Prof Dr Lea Ferrari (University of Padova, Italy),
    • Dr Rebeca Garcia Murias (University of Applied Labour Studies Mannheim, Germany),
    • Prof Dr Monika Kil (Danube University Krems, Austria),
    • Prof Dr Czeslaw Noworol (Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland),
    • Dr Peter Kruythoff (Career Management Institute, The Netherlands),
    • Prof Dr Monika Petermandl (Danube University Krems, Austria), and
    • Prof Dr Hazel Reid (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK / European Society for Vocational Designing and Career Counseling, Switzerland)


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