Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe

Open Calls

  1. Call for Papers/Presentations (Deadline: June 15, 2019)
  2. Call for Posters & Good Practice Presentations (Deadline: July 31, 2019)

1. Call for Papers/Presentations (Deadline: June 15, 2019)

In line with the theme of this year’s NICE Academy in Split (October 5-9, 2019), we are seeking papers/presentations on “Innovative Approaches to Career Guidance and Counselling” (career counselling, career education, career assessment and information, social systems interventions, and career service management). Topics for presentation include (but aren’t limited to) the use of new technologies, instruments, materials and tools (e.g., games, ICT, tests), new theoretical frameworks, new techniques and methods (e.g., for career education in groups), etc.

Please be aware that what seems “normal” to you, may be “innovative/new” in another context, in another country, in working with another target group. We will accept methods, approaches, tools, etc., as innovative, if they haven’t been received widely yet. We are also interested in innovative improvements to established approaches and instruments.


Presenters will have 20 minutes for their presentation, followed by 10 minutes for discussion. The Scientific Committee of the Academy will select 12-15 presentations from the abstracts that we receive. After the academy, we would like to publish the presentations on our website (provided authors grant us the right to do so).


Selection Criteria

1. Practice Orientation: Preference will be given to presentations, which focus on sharing and spreading knowledge, which is of relevance for career practitioners, and which can be used to innovate practice and/or the training of practitioners.

2. Scientific Foundation: Preference will be given to approaches, methods, tools, etc., which are based on well-founded theories, which have been tested and evaluated in practice, and/or which have been validated scientifically.

Scientific Committee

Anne Chant, Lea Ferrari, Rebeca Garcia Murias, Johannes Katsarov, Monika Kil, Czeslaw Noworol, Monika Petermandl, Hazel Reid

Chair contact: Johannes Katsarov

Call for Posters & Good Practice Presentations (Deadline: July 31, 2019)

At the academy, we will have a gallery exhibition of innovative approaches to career guidance and counselling, the training of career practitioners, and relevant research. During this Methods & Research Market, we will take turns in presenting good and innovative practices and research findings to another in an interactive and informal manner.

Diverse presentation formats are invited, including posters, short films, short practice demonstrations... If you need special equipment, e.g., access to electricity, or a table, please include this information on the abstract. For posters, we will supply spaces and materials to attach them. If you want to show a video, please bring your own laptop, etc.

Please submit a short proposal here, if you are interested in sharing. We will come back to you soon, if we have any questions.

Deadline: 31st Jul 2019

Chair contact: Yvor Broer