Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe

Combined ECADOC Summer School & NICE Academy in Pristina, 2022

From August 30 to September 4, 2022, ECADOC and NICE will organize a combined ECADOC Summer School & NICE Academy in Pristina, Kosovo, hosted by the Universum College. Chaired by Lea Ferrari, Scott Solberg, and Johannes Katsarov, the academy and summer school will both focus on the theme of “Social Emotional Learning and Career Guidance and Counselling”. The ambition is to share and discuss the newest insights and developments on the role of social and emotional competences in career development and career support and to build bridges between practice and research.

The ECADOC Summer School will begin on August 30, offering up to 25 doctoral researchers the opportunity to share and discuss their work in the field of career guidance and counselling and to become a member of our international research community. On September 1, the NICE Academy will begin, offering a series of keynote lectures, training workshops, and networking activities on the theme of the event to career professionals, academic trainers, interested researchers, and other career specialists. The summer school and academy will both continue until Saturday. All participants – practitioners, researchers, trainers, and others – will be able to select from diverse learning activities that belong to the shared program – including social events