Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counseling in Europe

Rie Thomsen 
Aarhus University, Denmark

Title of the Keynote
Research in Career Guidance - Collaboration between Research, Practice and Policy

Rie Thomsen's keynote explores the research, practice and policy relationship in career guidance for gro. Taking a point of departure in the NICE memorandum (NICE 2015) and the European Research Agenda in Career Guidance and Counseling (2018) she will discuss modes of collaboration between research practice and policy in the field of career guidance. The keynote takes a special interest in collaborative and participatory approaches. By involving professionals and practitioners as co-researchers in research projects, the roles of research can be expanded to include more practical applications and co-create policy recommendations. A collaborative approach can also lead to a better understanding of the needs and challenges faced by practitioners and users in career guidance.

Brief bio
Rie Thomsen is Professor MSO and Aarhus University, Professor II at the University of South Eastern Norway and visiting professor at Lower Silesia in Poland. Her research revolves around career guidance practices and policies with a special interest on the role of communities and in organizational and leadership aspects of career guidance. Furthermore, she has a strong interest in creating an inspiring environment for interdisciplinary research in Lifelong Guidance with a view to social justice. Rie Thomsen is partner of several international projects such as NordicCareerEd., Next Step – Reducing inequality in access to higher education, Nordic Journal of Careers, Transition and Guidance and VALA. As the scientific of ECADOC together with Nikos Drosos she works to create an inspiring and inclusive research environment for early-stage researchers in career guidance. She is author of the book Career Guidance in Communities (2012), and in 2013 she was awarded with the Danish National guidance award for her research. A list of publications and current projects can be viewed: