NICE Academy at the University of Split 2019

NICE Academy at the University of Split 2019

Picture of Split by Mariamichelle (Pixabay, CC0)

Innovative Approaches to Career Guidance and Counselling

We are proud to announce that the 2019 Academy of NICE will be hosted by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Split in Croatia from October 9-12, 2019, organised by dear colleague Prof Srečko Goić.


Over the past years, many new approaches to career support have been developed across the world – many of them drawing on state-of-the-art theory and the latest results of empirical investigations into career development, career-related challenges, learning, the benefits of new technologies, etc. At our second NICE Academy, we would like to create a space for you to

  • share new approaches, methods and tools for the careers practice,
  • introduce new approaches to practitioner training,
  • engage in developing and testing ideas for innovative approaches,
  • present and discuss empirical findings on innovative approaches, and
  • develop your knowledge and criticality of relevant innovations.

Open Calls

Call for Master Classes and Workshops (November 30, 2018)

For now, we would like to launch a first call for master classes and training workshops:

  • Master classes are highly interactive learning opportunities, which participants prepare for in advance, e.g., by reading some materials. We offer two sessions of 90 minutes for master classes (180 minutes). Depending on the quality of the proposals, we will include 1-2 master classes in the program of the NICE Academy in Split.
  • Training workshops are, also, highly interactive learning opportunities of 90 minutes each (but with no preparation needed for participants). No more than 30 minutes are spent with presentations. Activities can comprise group discussions, individual/group exercises, collegial counselling, peer learning, etc.

We welcome proposals until November 30, 2018. Your short abstract of 150-300 words should include (1) a preliminary title of your master class / training workshop, (2) a short description of learning goals/outcomes and topic/contents, (3) a short desciption of the interactive method(s) that you will be using, (4) references to relevant literature, particularly the theoretical and empirical foundation.

We welcome workshop offers in English, French, German, and languages from the region: Croatian, Bosniak, Serbian and Montenegrin. 

NICE Academies

NICE Academies are structured learning and networking events for professionals and academic trainers in the field of career guidance and counselling. Through its annual academies, the NICE Foundation aims to support excellence and innovation in the academic training of career practitioners across Europe and to promote the professionalization of career guidance and counselling.

Join the event to…

  • Learn about innovative practices of career support & practitioner training
  • Exchange good practices with career practitioners and specialists across borders
  • Discuss, how practice and training for career guidance and counselling can be improved
  • Network with practitioners and academics across disciplines and European countries
  • Engage in the development of joint projects for the future

Mobility Funding

As learning events for practitioners in the domains of adult education and higher education, NICE Academies are generally eligible for Erasmus+ mobility funding. We will do our best to support relevant applications. Please contact Johannes Katsarov as soon as possible, if you are interested in applying for Erasmus+ funding (johannes_katsarov[at]hotmail[dot]de).